Slide The most valuable retail chain of pharmacies in Kosovo
Group of pharmacists with 36 retail pharmacies
all over Kosovo joined together.
One Group®
Slide Përmban hekur organik që absorbohet
lehtësisht me shije të përshtatshme.
Ferro fruit®
Mposhteni aneminë
Slide Antialergjik i fortë që rrit rezistencën e trupit
kundër sëmundjeve inflamatore.
Ca-C 500 One®
Slide Produkt inovativ i bërë nga hulumtimi i Zuccarit
në lidhje me djegien, refluksin
dhe acidin e stomakut.
për rehati në stomak
Slide Ekstrakt bimor i dobishëm për rregullimin
e proceseve normale metabolike
Depurativo Rheum®
Pastruesi i organizmit
Slide Ka veprim antispetik, antiimflamator dhe diuretik.
Për trajtimin e infeksioneve të rrugëve urinare
që shkaktohen nga bakteriet.
Çaj bimor urologjik
Slide Shtesë ushqimore në formën e tabletave gastro-rezistente.
Caffe Verde, nxit metabolizmin
dhe ka veti antioksiduese.
Caffe Verde®

One Group – is a group of pharmacists with 36 retail pharmacies all over Kosovo joined together.

Welcome to One Group

One Group is the group with the most retail pharmacies gathered in one chain.
The Group has all the needed expertise from the market as is composed from the community pharmacists that are in the everyday life in the contact with the patients and their needs.
One Group aims for increasing the number of pharmacies of the group and thus being the unconditional leader in Kosovo Pharmaceutical Market.

High Expertise

High expertise of a large group of professional pharmacists

Wide Network

Present with a large network in biggest cities of Kosovo

Strong Consultancy

Strong consultancy in local regulatory affairs

24/7 Support

With 40 retail pharmacies all over Kosovo

We Are Trusted By World’s Leading Companies

Our company is trusted by world-leading brands, such as Farmac Zabban(Italy), Phytogarda (Italy), Zuccari (Italy), Dr Muller (Czech Republic), Vitar s.r.a (Czech Republic), Pharmacy Laboratories (Poland), Domowa Apteczka (Poland), Natura House (Italy), Inalme (Italy), Doc Pharma (Greece), Dili International (Italy), Budetta Pharma (Italy), Frei Care (Switzerland), Alpaya (Turkey), Abo Pharma (Bulgaria)…

Most Experienced Pharmacists in Kosovo

ONE GROUP J.S.C is a newly founded company, but it does have the most experienced pharmacists in Kosovo as its shareholders with more than 20 years of know-how and experience in the pharmaceutical sector, and has a network of 36 of the best pharmacies in the country.

The Group has all the needed expertise from the market as it is composed from a community of pharmacists that are in everyday contact with patients and their needs.

28 Well Known International Companies Trust in Us!

The company is the proud authorized distributor of 28 well known international companies who has legal agreements with them to supply us in regular basis with their products.

Our Partners

More than 370 products in our assortment!

We have more than 370 products in our assortment, while all of them have the highest demands in the market, where more than 20000 patients regularly purchase them in daily basis, reaching numbers such as 1250 products that are sold for one single day by our partner pharmacies.

The highest number of retail pharmacies gathered in one chain!

One Group is a consortium group with the highest number of retail pharmacies gathered in one chain.

Strategically Located Warehouses!

There were made thorough researches on where to locate the warehouse of ONE GROUP JSC, before the board decided that it was more rational and beneficial that the warehouse was to be located in the industrial zone of Fushe Kosova where other important names of different economic sectors of Kosovo are located. This location is right in the outskirts of Prishtina which has connection to the main highways that connects all regions of Kosovo, enabling the company to have a very fast and responsive distribution throughout all Kosovo. A product is distributed within 24 hours in all of our 36 pharmacies.

20,000 Patients per Day!

Roughly 20000 patients per day wait in queue for our products to be distributed in our network of pharmacies.

Selling 450,000 products in annual basis!

ONE GROUP sells around 450,000 products in annual basis which in daily terms it means that our company sells around 1250 products/day.

36 Pharmacies all over Kosova!

It is however the most valuable retail chain of pharmacies in Kosovo, constituting around 36 pharmacies as active shareholders of ONE GROUP JSC, which are located all over Kosovo.

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